Our Commitment to Growth, Quality and the Environment

Rotocarb’s vision to become the largest producer of Activated Carbon in Southern Africa. Initially, Rotocarb focused its products for the treatment of water, a critical commodity in our  water scarce country, and has since expanded its offerings into gas treatment (VOC capture), food and beverage, nutriceutical, agricultural, gold processing and specialised applications. Rotocarb has a vested interest in the research and development of impregnated carbons and is committed to offering high quality, local Activated Carbon products at competitive prices. 


We provide proudly South African-made Activated Carbon products that protect human health and the environment from contaminants through the bimodal adsorption capabilities of our macadamia nut shell Activated Carbon.


Our carbons bridge the gap between coal and coconut shell carbons by offering a special blend of characteristics from both of these carbonaceous sources: high bimodal adsorption capabilities, hardness, surface area and low ash content.


We embrace the principle of the triple bottom line for sustainability by converting a shell waste stream into a desirable product in an autogenous process. Rotocarb has integrated the local communities at our operational facilities, creating employment and developing local infrastructure in an earnest effort to contribute to South Africa’s socio-economic developments. In the next three years, Rotocarb plans to quadruple its production and, with that, empower local communities through further job creation.


Rotocarb is a proud member of the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA) and strives to spread awareness and create passion for water throughout Africa in partnership with WISA. 


It is just the beginning for Rotocarb, however, the future is bright with a dynamic, skilled and enthusiastic team.