Granular Activated Carbon

Rotocarb offers a wide range of granular activated carbon (GAC) sizes from its ProCarb-900, GenCarb-700 and FloCarb series. Our GAC products are suitable for several industries in the purification and filtration of water, liquids, air and gases as well as gold recovery. 


The ProCarb-900 and GenCarb-700 series with their bimodal adsorption characteristics are specifically designed for water treatment applications whilst the FloCarb series with its high surface area and gas adsorption activity have been designed for the purification of air and gas streams. 


ProCarb-900 has been servicing the Gold Industry with superior Gold Adsorption in the CIL and  CIP processes. With a Ball Pan Hardness of 96, it is the closest alternative to Coconut Carbon on the market.


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