Powder Activated Carbons

Rotocarb’s Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) products are suitable for several industries in the purification and decolourization of various liquids. A wide range of PAC sizes are available from both our ProCarb and GenCarb series of carbons. Custom powder sizing is available on request.


Due to the high presence of both micro and meso pores, applications include colour correction, alcohol purification, toxin removal, odour removal and  water purification. These are just a few of the many applications Rotocarb’s PAC services everyday.


ProCarb PAC is a highly activated carbon suited to high-end and/or demanding applications.GenCarb PAC is a medium activated carbon suitable for general and/or less demanding applications. 


Rotocarb is always willing to provide advice and assist in ensuring you have the right quality and size of Activated Carbon for the job.

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