Water Carbons

Rotocarb’s activated carbons offer a high density skeleton of bi-modal pore structures in the micro and meso pore range. This makes the activated carbon effective at adsorbing a wide range of molecular compounds present in contaminated water sources.


Operational savings are realised with Rotocarb’s Activated Carbons due to the lower backpressure and easily fluidised bed during routine backwash cycles. Smaller pumps can be specified and less water is wasted when using Rotocarb’s Activated Carbons.


Two grades are available in various sizes from Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) to Powder Activated Carbons (PAC):


      • ProCarb-900 is a high activity carbon suitable for high-end water treatment applications
      • GenCarb-700 is a medium activity carbon suitable for general water treatment applications.

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